About AVT

More than just an AV Consultant

Custom AV solutions may be high tech, but working with AVT is simple. Our full-service approach means that every project we do is taken on by a complete team of capable designers, engineers and technicians. You’ll only need one AV partner from start to finish. AVT brings your consultant and your integrator together, the same way we’ve brought ideas and people together with beautifully integrated custom AV for over 20 years.


We’re industry leaders

Av technology is constantly evolving, but AVT doesn’t just evolve with it — we shape it. With a number of innovations and inventions to our credit, we’ve been shaping the AV industry for over 25 years. Three of our projects have received extensive acclaim and were even given government grants as a reward for developing new technology in Canada.

AVT also maintain the highest level of industry certification from leading manufacturers, and governing bodies in the AV industry.


Our certifications

– Certified Technology Specialists (CTS) by Avixa.

– Certified Crestron sales and control system programming.

– Certified Polycom videoconference sales and technical agents.

– Certified Cisco videoconference sales and technical agents.

– Certified Extron electronics sales and technicians.

– VuWall Level 3 Certified: VuWall Designer, VuWall Installer and VuWall Service Specialist.

– HRT (Huddle Room Technology) Gold Parter.

– Certified QSC Q-SYS Level 2


We’re the Choice of Influential Canadian Innovators

For over 30 years, Canada’s most recognizable leaders and innovators have chosen AVT. They’ve trusted our designers and engineers with over 3000 custom A/V projects and counting. We’re proud to continue to provide custom AV solutions for their organizations.