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Physically Distanced Live Events

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With society adapting to a physically distanced reality, company town halls adjust accordingly. While video conferencing replaces in person meetings, the experience is still the same with professional integration of our technical solution. Our client’s live events in this new reality are supported in the same manner with the same care and quality as they have in the past with our web-based events. Akin to sitting in a conference room and watching the presenter at the front podium and seeing videos on the projection screen, all company participants will view this meeting on a stream link.

It starts with a host laptop showing the video conference feed, which is the call where all the presenters will be on. Another member of the client’s team with the powerpoint presentation will also join the call and share their screen, and the deck will be a part of this feed. The technician at the host laptop acts as a producer, deciding whether to focus on a presenter or the deck. The video output of this host laptop goes to our video switcher and the audio output goes to our audio mixing console.

Any videos involved in the meeting are loaded into the video playback laptop and are switched accordingly at the video switcher. The audio of the video conference call as well as the audio from the videos are mixed at the soundboard. While videos are playing, the producer cues the presenter on the video conference feed while the audio engineer mutes this conference feed, as the presenter would not be viewing the stream which has the video playback and would only be on the video conference. This is so that participants do not hear this “backstage communication” and it preserves the professional quality of an in-person meeting. Both feeds are then outputted to the streaming computer where company participants will view an expertly mixed digital experience as if they were attending in person.

As the world shifts to a new normal, your business can sensibly shift to a safe workaround using technology. Keep your company moving with our expertise so you can continue to deliver your message.