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Motorized Projector Lift

  • by Absolute Video Theatre

Pictured here is a motorized projector lift that lowers when a user turns the AV system on using an iPad.

Installing a projector lift can sometimes be complex due to clearance issues in the ceiling, and the need to get the height and location just right. This lift was custom built to fit in the very tight ceiling space. The finishing panel was cut and painted to match the style of the finished ceiling to blend in seamlessly.

This projector lift uses concrete drop-in anchors secured to the ceiling slab at four anchor points. The projector lift and plenum housing are then suspended from the anchor points and the ceiling is built around the lift. Once the ceiling is installed, the projector itself is installed, the lift height limits are set, and the image is squared on the projection screen. We then connect a Crestron control system to the lift and projector, so whenever the user turns the AV system on, the lift lowers and the projector turns on.

motorized PL-square
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