Full Support and Partnership

We believe in a full-service approach, and we’re happy to offer a variety of Maintenance and Service Plans. We specialize in customized proactive routine preventative maintenance of your audio-visual systems with flexible, worry-free technical support programs that meet a variety of budgets and individual client needs.

Our entire service team consists of industry trained technical professionals. Combined with our extensive inventory of AV parts and products, we ensure that any equipment failure is rapidly rectified. It’s our mission to minimize your system’s downtime so you can focus on what matters most.


Preventative Maintenance

Many integrators tell clients at project closeout to “call us if something breaks because that’s part of the workmanship or equipment warranty”. At AVT, we believe our partnership goes beyond the design and build of the project. Scheduling regular, pro-active visits to clean your equipment, guaranteeing replacement equipment within 72-hours and reduced rates on future projects are just a taste of what a partnership with AVT looks like.


Priority Service

We understand that your AV system isn’t just flashy equipment that makes you look good. It’s your primary communication tool in closing business deals and keeping your teams connected. If you simply cannot have an extended period of down time, we can offer priority service with a 24-hour turn around. We guarantee that your AV system will be ready for your next big meeting the next day!



Why Choose

Here’s a small sample of what you can expect with a service partnership with us:

– Discount on labour rates for new projects
– Provide temporary replacement of defective equipment
– Cleaning/oiling of all fans and filters on applicable equipment
– Confirming hours used on all lamp-based projectors and ordering replacements before it’s needed
– Optimizing colour settings on displays and projectors
– Detailed cleaning of display screens and lenses
– Audio inspection of all speakers to confirm performance and eliminate rattles or other undesired noises
– Verify proper operation of control system as designed
– Proactively update firmware and software on devices as updates come available
– Verify all user connections are working as designed
– Verify all cables and connectors for integrity; including strain relief, cable management and repairs
– Emailed reports for full disclosure and transparency
…and so much more!


This is an excerpt from a typical maintenance checklist.



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