Corporate Events

AV Support for Corporate Events

Corporate Events are more than just a presenter on stage clicking through a PowerPoint presentation. They are a powerful communication tool that should excite and captivate your audience with whatever it is you’re trying to convey.

Ever been to an event that just simply didn’t go well? Videos were late? Microphones were feeding back? The wrong presentation was on screen? We bet you can’t even tell us what that event was about.

Your Corporate Event is often your big-cheese event of the quarter or even the year. Where you and your team have committing hours of time and planning (often outside your regular workday) to create something special. At AVT, we look at your Corporate Event not as your event, but our event. We feel that same responsibility to pull off the best show possible so we can achieve the level of excellence your event requires.





How Can Help

AV Equipment Rentals

Wish you had another projector and screen for your next town hall? Has your panel discussion has grown by five people and you need more microphones? Or maybe you’re bringing in a guest speaker and they provide you with a long, overwhelming list of requirements? Are you considering renting a venue to fit your 500 guests and you need extensive AV support? AVT has an extensive line of rental equipment to support all your needs!

Event Management

Planning a corporate event but don’t quite have the resources or knowledge to produce it yourself? No worries! Not only can we provide the equipment and technicians to get the job done, our team of highly skilled professionals will support you in the execution of your production. From calling the show to managing the stage AVT can take care of it all for you.

Live Video Streaming

Expand your corporate event to include remote viewers. We are experts at live streaming. Visit out live streaming page to learn more.


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