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LED Video Wall Installation

  • by AVT.ca

These pictures show the progression of a recent LED video wall installation in Toronto. The video wall is a Leyard TVF Series product with a 1.5 millimeter pixel pitch. An LED video wall is an ideal product for this bright environment where the window shades are often open.


A custom structure was designed and built to support the wall from the ceiling. The entire weight of the wall is supported from 12 concrete anchors in the ceiling slab. Stabilizer bars are added behind the supports to prevent the video wall from swaying. The support structure is powder coated in black and blends in well with the interior design of the space.


The video wall components are installed piece-by-piece by skilled technicians, which takes 2 days to complete for this particular project. Once the components are installed, the LED video wall is connected to the video wall controller in the AV rack. There are six columns of LED panels, and each column is fed by its own CAT6 cable. The controller sends video over the six CAT6 cables and formats the video signal to fit perfectly onto the LED video wall.

The end-result is a great image with high brightness and vivid colour.