Huddle Rooms

The answer to open-concept offices

Huddle Room AVA lot of companies and corporations are moving to open-concept office floor plans. The intent is to help promote atmospheres of togetherness and casual or impromptu collaboration. However, having so many people in one, open space can lead to a decrease in productivity, even an employee’s success with the organization. In fact, recent articles have noted an increase in the amount of leave time workers take in these environments due to the increase in distraction! Including Huddle Rooms in these environments is one of the best ways to ensure your team can be effective in achieving the success your business requires.

The best way to understand the purpose of a Huddle Room is to imagine a football team huddling-up to plan their next play. The team gets together, has a quick rundown on the next play and moves on to execution. A Huddle Room is intentionally a small meeting space to empower these types of gatherings. Typically accommodating up to five people to meet quickly and easily.

Don’t think that just because the room is smaller it limits the possibilities of the space! Huddle Rooms are intimate spaces that allow smaller groups to get together and get the most out of their collaborations. Implementing a video collaboration platform allows even more flexibility without the need to book your only large conference room weeks in advance. Huddle Rooms can also make the most of your office space. Locating these Huddle Rooms in strategic places in your office space can ensure employees have a place to intersect easily without needing to walk across the entire facility to a large conference room.


Typical Huddle Room AV Equipment

– LCD or LED monitor
– Wireless presentation technology to minimize (even eliminate) cable clutter
– Video collaboration platform (Teams, Zoom, WebEx, etc) , using either proprietary hardware like a video conferencing codec or a team member’s laptop to connect easily over USB.
– An interactive (or even a regular) whiteboard


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