Five Reasons Your Company Should Harness the Power of Video Streaming

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Five Reasons Your Company Should Harness the Power of Video Streaming

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Video streaming is a powerful tool whether it’s used for internal or external purposes. It has the ability to create empathy and to join people more powerfully than voice or pre-recorded video alone. However, few companies are harnessing its power for business purposes.

Whether you need to reach your employees, or your wider audience, we’ve got five reasons why your company should start video streaming:

You can reach your audience reliably:
In the past, sending a real-time video message to your customers or co-workers was an expensive exercise with no guarantee of success. With today’s video streaming solutions, however, you can broadcast to an audience as small as 5 or as large as 50,000 and rest assured that they’re all receiving the same message at exactly the same time.

Today’s video streaming technology also allows you to monitor viewer metrics in real time and run reports after the stream finishes, to learn about your viewers. The viewer metrics will show concurrent views, total views, location, and more. All metrics are shown in graphs and are exportable as a CSV file.

Increase Engagement & Investment

Regularly sharing company news is important for practical reasons, and for emotional ones. Employees who are engaged or invested in their company are actually shown to be 44% more productive than their unengaged counterparts. The first step to creating this engagement is keeping them informed and up-to-date. A little virtual facetime with the leadership team may also help boost engagement in the future.

Get Important Feedback in Real Time:
Town Halls are a great opportunity for employees to ask questions or give feedback, but without video streaming, there’s a good chance that branch workers or remote workers are left out of the conversation. Video streaming provides a powerful, yet simple way for a distant audience to interact with the speaker in real time. Our clients have successfully employed everything from question and answer sessions, to live polls with employees and customers.

It’s Easy:
Video streaming used to require satellite uplinks & downlinks, videoconference bridge services, private on-air broadcasters, a team of trained IT staff – and even then, there was no guarantee your message would be broadcast successfully. Today’s video streaming solutions, don’t require you to be an IT expert. All you need to do is get someone on your crew to press the “go” button on the streaming device and your message will be broadcast live! However, AVT does recommend having one of our experienced streaming technicians operate your streaming hardware for your first couple of events.

It’s Affordable: 
Video streaming has come a long way, but it hasn’t shaken its reputation for being very expensive. In the past, the cost for implementing this solution started at $15,000 and went up from there, but this is no longer the case.  Today, streaming is much more affordable. Streaming hardware can be purchased for $5,000 or less, and a cloud-based service to distribute your video is $1.50 or less per viewer-hour.

AVT has supported some of the very largest companies in Canada with sophisticated live streaming shows, and we’re able to overcome the complexities and pitfalls, and create success.  The technology is easy and affordable, but getting the initial pieces in place usually requires a conversation about expectations and current IT infrastructure.  Please call us and ask how we can help.