Has Covid-19 changed workstyles forever?

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Has Covid-19 changed workstyles forever?

  • by AVT.ca

Credit to independent analyst and freelance writer Tim Kridel for writing this very informative article on the direction of businesses and workplaces. His interview with Jeff Irvin, Principal and Chairman of systems integration firm Spinitar, highlights the trends of our industry.

“In my lifetime, I don’t think boardrooms, conference rooms, training rooms, classrooms and huddle rooms are going to go away. There’s still going to be a time and a place and a need. There’s still no substitute for face-to-face, live interaction. All of this desktop video – Teams, Zoom, etc. – certainly gives people the ability to work virtually and remotely. But to me, desktop video is just a better phone call. I don’t think there’s any substitute for personal interaction.”

While in-person meetings are less commonplace in this period of physical distancing, this change is a good opportunity to evolve with the times.

“A lot of integrators and a lot of manufacturers are scrambling to see what kind of home office/mobile solution we can offer that doesn’t completely venture outside of our core competency. Right now we’re looking at having a good-better-best home office offering that may incorporate some pre-packaged solutions from our core manufacturers or we may piece together some custom offerings from our manufacturers..”

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