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Why AVT?

If you have an idea, then AVT can make it happen!

We are NOT cookie cutters. We engineer custom solutions. AVT has proven many times in the past that we can design and produce high end custom A/V room solutions. We have a number of innovations and inventions to our credit. Three of our projects have received extensive acclaim and have been given government grants as a reward for developing new technology in Canada.

AVT can custom design an A/V system that will blend into any environment. AVT works closely with architects and interior designers to ensure quality and superior ergonomics throughout your entire project.


AVT has the highest level of certification from leading manufacturers and governing bodies in the AV industry:

  • “Gold certified” from Infocomm International.
  • Certified Crestron sales and control system programming.
  • Certified Polycom videoconference sales and technical agents.
  • Certified Cisco videoconference sales and technical agents.
  • Certified Extron electronics sales and technicians.