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Audio Visual Systems Designing

Our Design Process is very detailed, and is custom tailored to our customer’s requirements. The design process involves various phases which starts from understanding the design requirements and finally ends with implementation of the conceptualized design. With the help of expert team of engineers, architects and designers, AVT lays a solid foundation for a remarkable design concept.

It’s not required for the customers to delve into the ergonomics of design. All they need to do is to present a proposal in the form of questionnaire which is interpreted by experts and then materialized accordingly with perfection.

AVT Takes Care of the Design Process for You

At Absolute Video Theatre™ (AVT) the design process starts with your first phone call to us. Our Client Survey questionnaire is designed to identify your AV needs and cover all aspects pertaining to an AV equipped room. We then begin the conceptual phase and propose a variety of solutions, with consideration given for budgets.

Next, AVT’s team of engineering professionals create a set of shop drawings for the system.  These are comprised of signal flow charts, wiring diagrams, architectural and structural details, and other related information for all involved trades.  AutoCad is the standard design tool for Architects, Engineers, and Designers, so all our documentation is created in this application to permit the seamless transfer of intellectual ideas.

After the concept has been approved, we move into the implementation phase.  It is during the implementation phase that we deal with the real world design problems.  During this phase, problems are identified and changes to the original designs are made via change notices to the design/build team.

Design Examples

For your reference, below are design examples in the form CAD Design Documents highlighting the abilities and skills of our innovational design team. These JPEG images showing our CAD design documents are printed in full quality with a large format plotter and issued to all stakeholders prior to installation. Design documents include ceiling plans, floor plans, cross sectional elevation diagrams, and wiring schematics.
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Elevation diagram for a 90 inch LED TV.
Elevation diagram with multiple views in a large boardroom.
Ceiling plan for a boardroom showing AV components mounted in the ceiling.
Wiring schematic for a large automated boardroom.
Elevation diagram for a 70 inch LED TV on an electric lift.